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The Coronavirus outbreak has changed the lives of everyone - 

especially our kids. In this book

by Lisa Carroll, children 5 - 9 will learn ways to help each other 

stay safe, and still have fun at home, at school, and at play.


With drawings by G.F. Newland

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Indie Book Awards 2021

Educational Picture Book

(Age 6 and up) 

Available in Hardcover, Paperback and eBook Versions. In English and en Español!

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Author: Lisa Carroll

Lisa Carroll is multi-talented: she acts, sings, writes, composes, and stays on top of marketing trends in the entertainment industry. She is best known for her performance as Dolly Levi in the hit musical “Hello, Dolly.” She acted as a stand in for star Carol Channing and appeared in numerous episodic television shows including General Hospital.


Her most recent TV appearance was on ABC’s “The Toy Box.” Lisa’s toys were a big hit with the panel of children judges. As a writer and lyricist, Lisa honed her scripting skills for various PBS programs, and created and produced a children’s Christmas Rap album for Capital Records’, “Rappin Up Christmas.” The success of this album led Lisa to develop (for the prestigious toy company, Gund, and others) a series of “animated,” singing stuffed animals. These plushies, including Hip Hop Hamilton, are both educational and fun.


Through all her work, Lisa hopes to deliver the message to children that one can look awesome, be cool, and lead a life that reflects positive qualities. The Big, Bad Coronavirus is her first children’s book.


Illustrator: G.F. Newland

G.F. Newland works at the School of Visual Arts by day, and evenings and week-ends he has, (prior to the coronavirus quarantine), played a variety of musical instruments in a couple of bands around the 5 boroughs. His illustrations have appeared on posters and pins and bags and book, and on TV and in movies. This is his third picture book for Pixel Mouse House. Check out his website at


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From the start, our mission has always been to create books that kindle kids’ curiosity, honor their concerns, individuality, and diversity, all the while fueling their incredible imaginations.

While the kids’ book bizz has changed amazingly, every title of ours is still a labor of love, born from the hearts and smarts of our authors and artists, editors and designers.

And to answer an age old question – Yes, Children’s Books are for everyone. Adults and children alike to enjoy. 

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The Coronavirus outbreak has changed almost everything in little Lisa's life: going to school, being outdoors, and playing with friends.